Have a project that you would like to Outsource? Need a Subject Matter Expert to help you develop a plan? Want to take a candidate for a “test run” prior to hiring them on full time?

Ensis Corp offers several options in our service offerings. We give YOU the opportunity to choose how you want to hire.

Ensis’ focus started within the technology sector and quickly moved to Architecture, Engineering, Sales, HR, Support, Finance, Operations, etc.  We staff all levels specifically higher/harder to fill positions.  Our sweet spot is fast growing entrepreneurial companies requiring pivotal C-Level employees.

We embrace ‘a lot of a little’ approach.  This includes pulling and posting on major boards (Monster, Indeed, CareerBuilder etc.), sourcing from Linked-In, engaging Linked-In Groups, networking within local user groups, networking within our existing groups, offering a referral bonus, partnering with other agencies, and working with industry specific websites.  In today’s market, embracing ‘A lot of a little’ will always result in the best candidates.

3-Tiered Options:

  • Tier One, ‘Bring in the World’ option.  Tier one is for the ‘give me as many resumes as possible’ full fee option.  There are no agency or time limit restrictions.
  • Tier Two, ‘Alliance’ option.  Tier two option embraces an alliance approach between Ensis and the client – while discounting our rates.  Ensis is given a four-week exclusive search (the client may continue with its internal search).  If the client desires additional resumes, other agencies can be brought in after four weeks.
  • Tier Three, ‘Retained’ option.  Tier three is our deepest discount and includes a retainer.  Ensis is given a four-week exclusive (from internal/agency search) AND is paid a retainer at the start of the search.  The retainer is nonrefundable (unless for poor performance) including internally filled or eliminated positions.  If the client desires additional resumes, internal searching (including referrals) and other agencies can be brought in after four weeks. 

Contract Logistics:

  • Exclusions – for the Tier Three option, any prospects already in the hiring process are excluded.  For example, if an existing prospect (whom was identified in the beginning) is awarded the job, the retainer will be returned to the company.  Internal referrals or company site generated candidates are NOT excluded and would incur the standard fee.
  • Guarantee – 3-month replacement guarantee
  • Performance Clause – for tier two and tier three options, the client may cancel the contract if Ensis has failed to perform.  Ensis must be given two written notices regarding Ensis’ poor service at least 48 hour apart.
  • Payment terms – net 10 days from start date. 

Sales Contracts – standard pricing does not apply towards sales positions.  Due to the highly-leveraged commission structures, many sales salaries are often half if not lower than OTE (On Target Earnings).  Due to this, Ensis devised a formula for sales personnel.

For all sales positions, the fee is based on 75% of the lowest acceptable On Target Earnings (OTE) level.  For example, if a sales position has an expected $130K OTE.  Ensis’ fee is based on 75% of the lowest acceptable OTE level.  If the lowest acceptable OTE is $100K, Ensis will invoice 75% of the lowest acceptable OTE – $15,000 ($100,000 x 20% (retained placement rate) x 75%)