We're hiring a Principle Windows Software Engineer to be responsible for the development and documentation of complex Windows applications embedded in state-of-art ophthalmic surgical devices.

These devices incorporate multiple real time and non-real time processors communicating over a common bus. Windows is used to implement functionality including GUI, database, business logic, and external networking. You will participate in all phases of the software lifecycle, including concept development, requirements, design, implementation, and testing. 


• Partner with a 10B Global Corporation, experiencing high, sustained growth
• Incredibly Healthy work environment; highly rated by employees
• Excellent Pay & Outstanding Benefits
• Make the world a better place by helping create the next level of advanced healthcare instrument

• Develops and applies complex concepts and proposes new and unique approaches, methods, procedures and designs with regular use of ingenuity, creativity and originality to researching technical issues.
• Applies advanced level software development principles to the research and development of Windows applications.
• Assures continuity of products and processes through feasibility assessment, research, design, development and compliance to requirements.
• Leads design reviews. 
• Ensures regulatory / statutory / legislative compliance for all project work.
• Demonstrates ability to work under consultative direction toward predetermined long-range goals.
• Assignments are often self-initiated and it is expected that courses of action that are determined and pursued achieve minimization of life cycle costs and meet project schedule according to customer need (time, cost, functionality and quality). 
• Demonstrates leadership qualities. 
• Documentation is complete and accurate and utilized as a model/template that serves as guidance for others to follow;
• 100% compliant with regulatory and mandatory industry performance standards. 
• Contributes ideas and/or potential innovations which would impact the R&D pipeline and return on investment. 


• Bachelor’s Degree or higher
• 5 Years of Relevant Experience 
• Hands-on experience with Windows development, .NET, C# and C++
• Knowledge of RTOS
• Experience in developing software for medical devices (or in a similarly regulated environment)
• Experience in software development for hardware interfacing (e.g. data acquisition, motion control, communication) and signal/image processing.